Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The truth, the whole truth...

From some of the feedback I've been getting I think I need to clarify an important point:

I am far, far, far, really far, from impartial about whether or not there was a government conspiracy. I think anyone who has spent any time at all looking into government conspiracy theories has as strong an opinion as I do. I'm not trying to use this mock trial to literally mock conspiracy theorists. I have a whole different blog where I can do that.

I believe that the fairer I am in allowing their arguments to be heard, the easier it will be for people to see that their charges have little substance. I don't mind being wrong about that, either. If you're wrong, and you can admit it, that means you learned something.

My intent is to have as little involvement in the actual debate as possible. Decisions about what constitutes evidence, what will be admissible, and how the debate is structured will be mutually agreed to before any arguments are presented. All I want to do is find the participants and facilitate the debate - in the highly-structured form of a trial.

I'm open to suggestion, of course.

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